2014: A year for change.

  Happy New Year to all;

 Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. Unfortunately for me, I was under the weather for Christmas which was nuts because I wanted to share it with family. I am feeling much, much better even though I still have a slight cough nonetheless I am healthy.

 This New Year I have a lot of resolutions that will get accomplished this year. Those resolutions are real simple, not ones that are impossible to accomplish. My top five are:

1. Be more nicer to people.

2. Pray a lot more.

3. Read my bible more often.

4. Speak up to my parents.

5. Travel

 Those items I listed don’t sound too hard right? I didn’t think so. Me as a man and a human being need to check my ego at the door, because I know there are so many people trying to get under my skin. The best thing for me to do is to take a deep breath and find my own happy place so I can spread my happiness to someone else. I know that sounds easier said than done, but I believe that once 2014 is over I will be a better person physically and emotionally. I have ideas and thoughts that would blow anyone’s mind, and make them wonder about what their lives are like.

 2014 is what you make of it. It’s either going to be a great year or a disappointing one. Me, I’ll choose the great year, because everyone should be striving for better every single year.

 Hopefully 2014 will be the year you make that change. Something to consider.

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2013: My year in review.


 2013 is approximately two weeks away from ending and there will be another year upon us. I made a lot of plans for this year to make a change in my life as a whole. Some of those plans occured, some didn’t. Those that did occur, I was and wasn’t proud of. Those plans that didn’t occur had some good behind them, but some of them had an ending that I am glad didn’t happen at all.

 The year started off wonderfully, I was able to spend Christmas, and New Years with my sister Shelly and niece Carrington as well as Shelly’s mother, bandmate and daughter/niece (still not sure if that’s right or not). The only issue was that we didn’t have the other big sister Cheneen there. In July of 2012, my father and I discovered that he had another Granddaughter and I had another niece, which I was able to see only three weeks before during Thanksgiving. Let me tell you she looks just like Cheneen, and Carrington whom I only saw in pictures that dad had looks just like Shelly.

 2013 had it’s good times and it’s bad times. The good times was that dad got the opportunity to go to this institute for Veterans, which I think was the best thing for him to connect with othe Veterans from across this country and share stories about family, and friends etc. Another good time was my girlfriend Kiara and I really putting our relationship out there to those that are close to us. I told family, and a select few of friends. During our four years of being together started on June 23rd, 2009 we have had what I think is the type of relationship and understanding that other couples try to get across to one another. In fact, several weeks ago I showed her a couple of rings that I liked, she picked mine out and I picked her’s out. To this day, I wear it to bed but not to work afraid to lose it. During Thanksgiving of this year I had the opportunity to go to Chicago to see family and friends who I saw the previous Thanksgiving. In late February I joined the Liberty Church of Christ. Ever since then, the congregation has been a joy to be around and I enjoy each and every one of the tremendously.

 Some of the bad times, I have to say was my vehicle being down for several months that was a nerve wraking experience trying to find a decent part and at a decent price. Another bad time was losing my Aunt Florenstein who kind of took the place of my Paternal Grandmother Veronica. Aunt Florenstein died in mid-September which was a shock to everybody who was close to her especially me and my mother. The biggest bad time occured early Sunday morning November 24th. I had plans to go to church that day, and do some final packing for my trip to Chicago the following day for the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn’t know that Sunday would turn out to be the biggest scare of my life. My dad fell and had a big gash on his head. He asked me to take him to the hospital, during the day I was in and out checking on him because I was concerned. Several days later, I found out that he had to have a pacemaker put in. This scared me to death, because he was close to leaving this earth which I really don’t think I could handle. It was tough for me losing a sibling, but losing a parent will make a person go berzerk.

 All in all 2013 had it’s sunny days and had it’s gloomy days. Through all of that I was still able to power myself thorugh it all and I am very thankful for all the love and support throughout this year.

 Happy holidays and a happy 2014 everyone.

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Violence in Chicago

 Being from the Chicago area I know my way around the city and surrounding suburbs. I lived there from 1993 to 2008 and might I say that I dislike what is going with the violence. My friend Cortez Bailey was killed in broad daylight a week and a half ago. All because of gang violence, young people in the area have died due to the fact that gangs are huge in the city, once you take down one gang another grows up like a flower.

 My question to Chicago is where are all of the community activists and neighborhood leaders? Why aren’t they stepping up and doing something about it. More importantly what are all of the aldermen in these neighborhoods doing to combat this issue. I believe that if community activists and alderman as well as the mayor stop this gang violence issue, then maybe they can sweep this gang violence epidemic not all together but one at a time.

 I know this is a short blog, but we as a people need to stop this.

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My life as a whole.

 About a month ago, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. As I celebrated that birthday, I was very impressed with the accomplishments that I have made. Some of my decisions which I have made over the years might and might not have been what people have wanted but it’s me and I wanted to see what the net outcome be. Certain people I know have been very influential in my life, but some I have had to cut off because of all the negativity that comes with the territory.

 My parents have paved the way for me since I have been born to make sure that I become the man that they have raised to be. That’s good, because to this day I have never been to jail, in the military, or incarcerated, which they are very blessed. I am very blessed too because I am happy being the man my parents have raised me to be and I so appreciate them for teaching me the right way of how to be not only a man but to be respectful, considerate and a gentleman.

 There have been times where I think “oh what do they know”, I finally figured out that’s the same way they thought when they were my age, and I am seeing that now because I am starting to see where they are coming from. I haven’t always been the best son, but I am working on it, I know I really get under my parents skin which I think is funny because I am kind of the person that likes to do that which has gotten me into a world of trouble.

 As far as my personal life goes, I love my family and friends. They have managed to keep me grounded, also managed to advise me when a situation that I am in is a good or bad idea. My best friend Kydale Dixon has been one of the many people in my life that have helped me so far to being a great man and I enjoy that very much.

 As I finish this blog I want to say a special thanks to my mentors, family, friends and parents for everything that I have been through, because without them I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in. Thanks to all of them that help me to be the man I am today.


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Where have I been?

I am back on wordpress. I have been gone for a little while and I have been busy to post blogs about life, sports, government, etc. I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my family. I am back up and running right now. I thank the good Lord for keeping me healthy, and for teaching me the true meaning of being human. The topic I want to focus on is the tornado the recently occurred in Oklahoma. Hearing about what has transpired in Moore, Oklahoma is very tragic.

 This weather that we are dealing with has an idea what it’s going to do and when it’s going to happen, and it always happens to catch us as human beings way, way, way off-guard. Ever since 2004, tsunami’s, earthquakes, and hurricanes have shaken human beings as a whole, and governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency money to give to the people that live in the hard-hit areas.  

 From the tsunami in 2004 to the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma a week ago, my heart pains to see folks like that to have to start from the beginning again. It hurts to see parents of children crying on the television and the children not understanding what mother nature has done to those citizens. To me, all of those natural disasters have been heart-breaking the biggest heart-breaking news to hear was Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that hit New Orleans and surrounding areas. What happened in 2005 got all of the communities, celebrities and government involved it the rescue efforts and other ways to help. Having family that live in those areas really made me tear up and cry.

 Another natural disaster that happened was the Super-Storm Hurricane Sandy a few months ago. I have an Uncle that lives in New Jersey, and friends that live in New York and New Jersey. Talking to them, brought me to realize that mother nature is not to be played with. We as people tend to not really take what meteorologists tell us about taking the necessary steps to keep ourselves safe until the last minute, then when all hell breaks loose then we are sitting like lame ducks trying to figure what our next moves are. My co-worker I was scared for her when the tornado hit because she and her family reside in another part of Oklahoma and I was concerned when the tornado hit because I thought it hit where she lives, but I was happy when it didn’t. We must count our blessings every single day, because it could be a lot worse.

 As this blog is coming to and end, I have to say this. If the weathermen/women tell you to take cover or leave the areas you live when a natural disaster occurs, please do what they say because just as the Lord has given you everything you have built upon he can take it away just like he did to Moore, Oklahoma.

 Moore, Oklahoma I am praying for you in your recovery stages.

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 Good morning;

 As we are in the second month of 2013, I have heard a lot of companies talking about brand new technology that is expected to come out beginning, middle, and end of this year. We live in the world of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and all other kinds of social media. The techology in this world is ridiculous and it’s about to be unstoppable. In my house there is a lot of technology from cell phones, to computers, to tv’s, to ipods, etc, and we have enough technology here to last a lifetime.

 It’s funny, because when I was growing up, the internet was just starting, there were no iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPods, iPads or anything like that there was the cordless phone and cd players. When will we understand that these are material items, when will we understand that this is an epidemic, when will we understand that we can’t take this in to the next life, WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see young people all the time saying “if I lost my phone or whatever kind of electronic I have, I will go crazy”. Why does it matter, some young people have parents that pay the phone bill, what do they have to worry about, they aren’t paying the bill. It’s silly, also what makes me laugh is that they can’t go a day without texting, picture mailing, twitting, facebooking or instagraming, I myself am guilty, but I am getting better.

Every week a new product comes out, when the original iPhone came out, and the first iPad came out, man people were lined up for blocks to get their hands on the iPhone, and iPad but that’s the kind of society that we live. I could really care less about a new phone or anything that comes out, I am happy with the technology that I have. I admit I am huge on technology and next week I am going to buy some headphones that are really expensive, but they are worth it. Then the week after that I will be buying another expensive piece of technology, but I have set in my mind that I would buy those items.

As this blog is coming to an end, I just want to say that if you don’t have to have the latest technology be cool, I know a ton of people that have 2010’s cell phones and they are still working to perfection, so please be happy to have a nice piece of technology and know that there is going to be a new product coming out every week for the forseeable future.

“Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you have to spend it”-Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

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Interracial dating.

 Starting next week, I will put out blogs every other day that interest me also blogs that spark conversation. Today’s blog is about interracial dating, and why I might have a problem with that.

 I believe interracial dating shouldn’t be allowed. One: Because there are a lot of black men and beautiful black women out here that want to be loved, but we as black men want a white woman because they don’t have a lot of baggage like black women do. Black women have a lot of beauty behind them, but when they want that one black man they are disappointed when they see that man with a white woman because they have finally gotten up the courage to talk to that one black man they have been afraid to talk to. Black men are so sofisticated with white women because of their big boobs and huge behind. Black women don’t care how they look, it’s all about what’s on the inside rather than the outside, and I like that. As the comedian Eddie Griffin put it: “Black man and white woman don’t go together, ask O.J., Kobe, Tiger Woods, it isn’t any good. Black women are very beautiful all a black man has to do is give them a chance. Don’t get me wrong, I have dated a couple of white girls, but my preference is strickly on black women. I have dated a black woman before and it was a blast. It didn’t end the way I wanted it to, but I have another one on my mind. I believe that if you are going to date stay inside of your own race. Look at all the powerful couples like the the President and First Lady Obama: Black. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith: Black. Jay-Z and Beyonce: Black. David and Tamala Mann: Black. If you are planning to date, look at all of these individuals black. Like I said black is very beautiful. I just think if you are a black man, date a beautiful black woman. If your a white man date a white woman. I know that I am being a segregationalist, but that’s my opinion on the interracial dating sector. I don’t like it. I think it’s wrong, but I will probably get over it, BUT NO TIME SOON.

As this blog is coming to an end, I think dating is wonderful and I think dating is a sign of maturity. I think that if you do date, date within your own race no matter what color you are.

Have a wonderful day.

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