Happy 2013

  Well, 2012 is behind us and we are in a brand new year. 2012 brought highs and lows for me personally, but I made it through. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Years, for me it was a time for family and friends. I am happy to see a new year dawn on me, now it’s time to put some of the ideas I had last year into full effect. In this new year I plan on making a name for myself. My parents have plans of their own and I will help them to make those plans come to life. In 2013, I have planned to make amends with the people and the issues that I faced in 2012, and start to deal with situations that come before me. There are a lot of issues that faced me in 2012, however; I never faced those issues instead I pushed those issues to the side. But enough about me and my personal issues, in 2013 we all should be striving to do better than we did in 2012, that should be everyone’s confidence booster. If anyone has made a New Year’s resolution, GET RID OF IT it’s no use and plus not everyone will complete their resolution, that’s why I never have and probably never will because I know I won’t complete that list. In this new year I hope everyone thinks positive about their situations, I also hope that everyone can forgive the people that have hurt them in any way, shape or form. I hope that everyone helps a person who is less fortunate than them or volunteers at an animal shelter. As this blog is coming to an end I hope that everyone is in good health and can help people who need it the most including family and friends.

Remember, count your blessings because tomorrow is not promised.

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