Where have I been?

I am back on wordpress. I have been gone for a little while and I have been busy to post blogs about life, sports, government, etc. I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my family. I am back up and running right now. I thank the good Lord for keeping me healthy, and for teaching me the true meaning of being human. The topic I want to focus on is the tornado the recently occurred in Oklahoma. Hearing about what has transpired in Moore, Oklahoma is very tragic.

 This weather that we are dealing with has an idea what it’s going to do and when it’s going to happen, and it always happens to catch us as human beings way, way, way off-guard. Ever since 2004, tsunami’s, earthquakes, and hurricanes have shaken human beings as a whole, and governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency money to give to the people that live in the hard-hit areas.  

 From the tsunami in 2004 to the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma a week ago, my heart pains to see folks like that to have to start from the beginning again. It hurts to see parents of children crying on the television and the children not understanding what mother nature has done to those citizens. To me, all of those natural disasters have been heart-breaking the biggest heart-breaking news to hear was Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that hit New Orleans and surrounding areas. What happened in 2005 got all of the communities, celebrities and government involved it the rescue efforts and other ways to help. Having family that live in those areas really made me tear up and cry.

 Another natural disaster that happened was the Super-Storm Hurricane Sandy a few months ago. I have an Uncle that lives in New Jersey, and friends that live in New York and New Jersey. Talking to them, brought me to realize that mother nature is not to be played with. We as people tend to not really take what meteorologists tell us about taking the necessary steps to keep ourselves safe until the last minute, then when all hell breaks loose then we are sitting like lame ducks trying to figure what our next moves are. My co-worker I was scared for her when the tornado hit because she and her family reside in another part of Oklahoma and I was concerned when the tornado hit because I thought it hit where she lives, but I was happy when it didn’t. We must count our blessings every single day, because it could be a lot worse.

 As this blog is coming to and end, I have to say this. If the weathermen/women tell you to take cover or leave the areas you live when a natural disaster occurs, please do what they say because just as the Lord has given you everything you have built upon he can take it away just like he did to Moore, Oklahoma.

 Moore, Oklahoma I am praying for you in your recovery stages.

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