My life as a whole.

 About a month ago, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. As I celebrated that birthday, I was very impressed with the accomplishments that I have made. Some of my decisions which I have made over the years might and might not have been what people have wanted but it’s me and I wanted to see what the net outcome be. Certain people I know have been very influential in my life, but some I have had to cut off because of all the negativity that comes with the territory.

 My parents have paved the way for me since I have been born to make sure that I become the man that they have raised to be. That’s good, because to this day I have never been to jail, in the military, or incarcerated, which they are very blessed. I am very blessed too because I am happy being the man my parents have raised me to be and I so appreciate them for teaching me the right way of how to be not only a man but to be respectful, considerate and a gentleman.

 There have been times where I think “oh what do they know”, I finally figured out that’s the same way they thought when they were my age, and I am seeing that now because I am starting to see where they are coming from. I haven’t always been the best son, but I am working on it, I know I really get under my parents skin which I think is funny because I am kind of the person that likes to do that which has gotten me into a world of trouble.

 As far as my personal life goes, I love my family and friends. They have managed to keep me grounded, also managed to advise me when a situation that I am in is a good or bad idea. My best friend Kydale Dixon has been one of the many people in my life that have helped me so far to being a great man and I enjoy that very much.

 As I finish this blog I want to say a special thanks to my mentors, family, friends and parents for everything that I have been through, because without them I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in. Thanks to all of them that help me to be the man I am today.


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