Violence in Chicago

 Being from the Chicago area I know my way around the city and surrounding suburbs. I lived there from 1993 to 2008 and might I say that I dislike what is going with the violence. My friend Cortez Bailey was killed in broad daylight a week and a half ago. All because of gang violence, young people in the area have died due to the fact that gangs are huge in the city, once you take down one gang another grows up like a flower.

 My question to Chicago is where are all of the community activists and neighborhood leaders? Why aren’t they stepping up and doing something about it. More importantly what are all of the aldermen in these neighborhoods doing to combat this issue. I believe that if community activists and alderman as well as the mayor stop this gang violence issue, then maybe they can sweep this gang violence epidemic not all together but one at a time.

 I know this is a short blog, but we as a people need to stop this.

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