2013: My year in review.


 2013 is approximately two weeks away from ending and there will be another year upon us. I made a lot of plans for this year to make a change in my life as a whole. Some of those plans occured, some didn’t. Those that did occur, I was and wasn’t proud of. Those plans that didn’t occur had some good behind them, but some of them had an ending that I am glad didn’t happen at all.

 The year started off wonderfully, I was able to spend Christmas, and New Years with my sister Shelly and niece Carrington as well as Shelly’s mother, bandmate and daughter/niece (still not sure if that’s right or not). The only issue was that we didn’t have the other big sister Cheneen there. In July of 2012, my father and I discovered that he had another Granddaughter and I had another niece, which I was able to see only three weeks before during Thanksgiving. Let me tell you she looks just like Cheneen, and Carrington whom I only saw in pictures that dad had looks just like Shelly.

 2013 had it’s good times and it’s bad times. The good times was that dad got the opportunity to go to this institute for Veterans, which I think was the best thing for him to connect with othe Veterans from across this country and share stories about family, and friends etc. Another good time was my girlfriend Kiara and I really putting our relationship out there to those that are close to us. I told family, and a select few of friends. During our four years of being together started on June 23rd, 2009 we have had what I think is the type of relationship and understanding that other couples try to get across to one another. In fact, several weeks ago I showed her a couple of rings that I liked, she picked mine out and I picked her’s out. To this day, I wear it to bed but not to work afraid to lose it. During Thanksgiving of this year I had the opportunity to go to Chicago to see family and friends who I saw the previous Thanksgiving. In late February I joined the Liberty Church of Christ. Ever since then, the congregation has been a joy to be around and I enjoy each and every one of the tremendously.

 Some of the bad times, I have to say was my vehicle being down for several months that was a nerve wraking experience trying to find a decent part and at a decent price. Another bad time was losing my Aunt Florenstein who kind of took the place of my Paternal Grandmother Veronica. Aunt Florenstein died in mid-September which was a shock to everybody who was close to her especially me and my mother. The biggest bad time occured early Sunday morning November 24th. I had plans to go to church that day, and do some final packing for my trip to Chicago the following day for the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn’t know that Sunday would turn out to be the biggest scare of my life. My dad fell and had a big gash on his head. He asked me to take him to the hospital, during the day I was in and out checking on him because I was concerned. Several days later, I found out that he had to have a pacemaker put in. This scared me to death, because he was close to leaving this earth which I really don’t think I could handle. It was tough for me losing a sibling, but losing a parent will make a person go berzerk.

 All in all 2013 had it’s sunny days and had it’s gloomy days. Through all of that I was still able to power myself thorugh it all and I am very thankful for all the love and support throughout this year.

 Happy holidays and a happy 2014 everyone.

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