2014: A year for change.

  Happy New Year to all;

 Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. Unfortunately for me, I was under the weather for Christmas which was nuts because I wanted to share it with family. I am feeling much, much better even though I still have a slight cough nonetheless I am healthy.

 This New Year I have a lot of resolutions that will get accomplished this year. Those resolutions are real simple, not ones that are impossible to accomplish. My top five are:

1. Be more nicer to people.

2. Pray a lot more.

3. Read my bible more often.

4. Speak up to my parents.

5. Travel

 Those items I listed don’t sound too hard right? I didn’t think so. Me as a man and a human being need to check my ego at the door, because I know there are so many people trying to get under my skin. The best thing for me to do is to take a deep breath and find my own happy place so I can spread my happiness to someone else. I know that sounds easier said than done, but I believe that once 2014 is over I will be a better person physically and emotionally. I have ideas and thoughts that would blow anyone’s mind, and make them wonder about what their lives are like.

 2014 is what you make of it. It’s either going to be a great year or a disappointing one. Me, I’ll choose the great year, because everyone should be striving for better every single year.

 Hopefully 2014 will be the year you make that change. Something to consider.

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