Happy 2013

  Well, 2012 is behind us and we are in a brand new year. 2012 brought highs and lows for me personally, but I made it through. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Years, for me it was a time for family and friends. I am happy to see a new year dawn on me, now it’s time to put some of the ideas I had last year into full effect. In this new year I plan on making a name for myself. My parents have plans of their own and I will help them to make those plans come to life. In 2013, I have planned to make amends with the people and the issues that I faced in 2012, and start to deal with situations that come before me. There are a lot of issues that faced me in 2012, however; I never faced those issues instead I pushed those issues to the side. But enough about me and my personal issues, in 2013 we all should be striving to do better than we did in 2012, that should be everyone’s confidence booster. If anyone has made a New Year’s resolution, GET RID OF IT it’s no use and plus not everyone will complete their resolution, that’s why I never have and probably never will because I know I won’t complete that list. In this new year I hope everyone thinks positive about their situations, I also hope that everyone can forgive the people that have hurt them in any way, shape or form. I hope that everyone helps a person who is less fortunate than them or volunteers at an animal shelter. As this blog is coming to an end I hope that everyone is in good health and can help people who need it the most including family and friends.

Remember, count your blessings because tomorrow is not promised.

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Christmas time is here.

 Well, there are officially two days left before christmas. As I know many of you have probably put up your Christmas decorations and most of you have probably put the presents under the tree. I am currently on my way to Chicago to visit family and friends, and I have gotten a little bit of a vacation from work which is actually much needed. Christmas is a time for joy, celebration etc with family; however, there are many families who are less fortunate, who has lost a relative in the past 11 months of in the Military. Personally I feel sad for the people who are going through those tough times. Yes, Christmas is a time for excitement, but during this time families are suffering with the items I just mentioned, or more. As I said in the Thanksgiving blog, we need to take time out of our busy schedules to help people that are suffering and assure them that everything is going to be fine. Last Saturday, the church I went to during my life in Chicago we have had many caring and sharing programs that brought in crowds of people less fortunate than we are, last Sunday we had a Christmas program were children from all ages got up and performed in front of the church, which is really exciting to see. Back to my thought, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two biggest holidays known to man, and I am very disappointed in those people who might think that they are better than those less fortunate than they are. Sometimes I wonder if we were to be in the same shoes as those that are less fortunate, then we would probably think a lot different than we do now, maybe. Some might and some might not. Reason why I said that is because those people that might have grown up wealthy, might be stingy with their money. I bet that if they lost everything like the 2003 Fox sitcom that starred Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie did they themselves would have withdrawls just like those two did. We must, and I mean MUST share with those less fortunate, because what we have today might be gone come tomorrow. As I end this blog for the day, I just want to send my condolences to the victims and the families of the Sandy Hope Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. My heart grieves for the children and teachers involved in that unthinkable tragedy. It’s crazy and those little children and those teachers did not deserve to die like that under any circumstance. I hope that this shooting at elementary schools never happens again period.


Merry Christmas all, and a happy new year. Pray for Newtown Connecticut and the families of the victims of Friday December 14’s tragedy.

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Unsportsmanlike conduct in the NFL.

For years NFL players have had their own styles of touchdown and interception dances, now if you celebrate too excessively you get slapped with a 15 yard penalty as well as unsportsmanlike conduct. I don’t agree with it and definitely don’t like it. Why I don’t like it is because it’s childish to penalize a player and a team 15 yards for a celebration dance or gesture that is not in the NFL rule book. My opinion is that these men have worked their tails off during the offseason and during the week trying to get the catches and or interceptions down. When Sunday comes, all of that effort and work really comes into play. Now, here’s the thing: when a Quarterback no matter who it is throws a touchdown or interception and the player makes that touchdown or interception he should be able to celebrate with his teamates without having a silly penalty called against him or his team. For example, in 2007 during a Thursday night football against the Green Bay Packers, Terrell Owens caught a touchdown pass from Tony Romo, now what Owens did was take a fans popcorn while in the endzone and dumped it in his helmet. What did the officials do? Slapped a penalty against Owens and team as well as a 15 yard penalty. That is a very childish call. Don’t give a player or team a penalty for celebrating a gesture or dance that is not in the NFL’s rule book for anything. Today’s NFL is starting to become a sissy sport. Why do I say that? I say that because when I was growing up the NFL was a smash-mouth, hardnosed game, now it’s not as fun as it used to be. I don’t like that and a lot of fans can agree with me. I understand that the NFL is attempting to become more safety driven, but the touchdown or interception gestures that get penalized are silly and really horrible. As this blog is coming to an end, the NFL and the officials need to ease up on the touchdown/interception gestures. Don’t be so hard on the gestures and dances that the team gets penalized 15 yards for it. I don’t like that and neither do the fans of the those teams.

Officials, give the players and teams a break please, especially if they are rookies. They are getting a first shot at the pros, so let them have their fun please.

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Christmas Time.

 Well, we have just finished up Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed seeing family, friends, but most important of all eating tons of turkey or ham. Hope no one was involved in any confrontations on Black Friday, and hope that everyone got that item that was on sale per se. Since Thanksgiving 2012 is in the books it’s now time to really gear up for the other biggest holiday of any year: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I am writing this blog, there is a family somewhere putting up Christmas decorations, or trees etc. At every store across this awesome country, they are probably playing Christmas music. The store that I work at has already started playing Christmas music. I have a problem with that. My issue with that is it’s still November until Saturday, keep playing normal music until Saturday, then when Saturday comes along, switch then to Christmas music. Another issue that I have is that at retail stores, especially in the candy aisles the sales people take down the Halloween displays and start putting up Christmas displays. I think it should go like this: Wait until October is done to put up the Christmas displays as opposed to putting up those displays in the middle of the month. I feel like its way too early to start putting up Christmas displays, wait until the end of November to do so. I believe that all stores should have that rule. Enough of my venting, my real topic for this evening is helping people less fortunate. During the Christmas holiday, I think we as people get too focused on Christmas that we forget those less fortunate. If we can spend several hours in a line after Thanksgiving, then we can help people less fortunate. Not all of us is like that, but a majority of us are. I remember living in Chicago, the church I went to a week before Christmas, we would open our doors to those less fortunate and bring them clothes and food. I felt like crying because the people who I witnessed less fortunate probably had great lives before they ended up where they were. It hurt and stung, because we could be in the same situations as them. Like I mentioned during Thanksgiving week; take time out of your busy schedules to give your spare time to help a person (s) less fortunate out. It would mean a lot to them and make you feel good, because you helped a person that has less than you. Remember, you need to count your blessings because tomorrow is not promised.


Happy holidays everyone.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all

Good morning, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Today is the one day out of the year where we can all pig out and not get ridiculed about it. On another note since today is a day of giving thanks, I have a lot to be thankful for. I am going to to give a top ten list like they give on the Late Show with David Letterman:
10. Thankful of having friends in my life.
9. Thankful for having a clean bill of health.
8. Thankful for having money.
7. Thankful for having a good paying job.
6. Thankful for having a place to stay.
5. Thankful for having food to eat.
4. Thankful for having clothes on my back.
3. Thankful for having a decent working car to drive from home to work.
2. Thankful for having both my parents on planet earth.
The number 1 reason for why I am thankful is:
1. Having my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in my life. Without him, I couldn’t live the life that I live.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Save some room for dessert.

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The day before thanksgiving.

Well, it’s one more day until Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone is getting their thanksgiving turkeys out preheating their ovens and thawing out the turkeys, getting the ingredients together. Once tomorrow comes around families will be gathered around their tables some will be watching NFL games all day while eating turkey, ham, and all the fixings. Especially dessert. Like I said in Mondays blog we all should be thankful that we are in good health and spirit, well some. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has snuck up on me like this. Normally it’s circled on my calendar, but this year I have been busy with school, and other things. I love this time of year. I can’t wait until I have a family, then I can invite other family members over. As I end this blog I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving tomorrow, and hope everyone eats a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you all.

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In two days Americans will be traveling from one place to the other to see friends and family members. Three days from today we will be gathered around dinner tables conversing with our families. Airports across this great nation will be packed with travelers trying to get home. I have a jump on everyone. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning going to Illinois to visit family and friends. I know it will be a blast since I haven’t seen them in months. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, but for some their family might be gone or thousands of miles away. In this time we need to extend a hand out to those less fortunate than we are. My heart grieves for those less fortunate and/or have lost folks due to illness or other issues. I sometimes cry because of the emotional toll the families are going through. So, as a people during this holiday season I challenge you to help out in any way a person who is less fortunate than you because it could be you in the same situation. Thanksgiving is also time to get caught up with the people who you haven’t seen in a while for whatever reason. We need to put issues our families give us behind and reconnect with those who we have lost communication with and forget was has happened over the years and turn over a new leaf. Thanksgiving should be a time of giving thanks, however those that we have lost this year might have a different impact on us in general. I have so much to be thankful for even though I take advantage of it. As this blog is coming to an end, I think it’s important to count our blessings every single day, and appreciate what is in front of us.

Happy thanksgiving all.

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